Thursday, 5 December 2013

How to sew a black dog?

 This black doggie is for Nil, who was born this October - welcome, Nil!:-)

Are you thinking of becoming a softiemaker? I thought I would make a little guide for you about what you can expect. Well...

(first things first: as your customer wants "nothing more, nothing less", looking at the doggie image you think you should make a 2D black dog somehow, but it turns out you are wrong, the dog should be sewn in 3D:-))

- after long weeks of accepting the commission you sit down at your desk. you're just sitting there and staring at the "drawing" and you think you were crazy to say yes to this request. you have  no idea how to start it
- you identify again the type of the dog, yes, it is a pug
- you think it is possible to find a pug sewing pattern on the web, and you are right. it is in Russian, but no problem, you have a Russian-speaking friend, she translates it for you
- you start cutting the pieces and after a while you realize it's not exactly what you want. no problem, you have found another pattern as well, so you start making a small paper prototype to see what it would look like. you don't like it....
- you are sitting at your desk, thinking desperately what to do. you don't want to let your customer down, but you are hesitating to write an email in which you apologize and tell him that you are not able to turn this picture into a softie
- you (try to) stop panicking and decide to draw a sewing pattern yourself, as usual. as you can't see any details in the original image, you start searching for pug pictures. these are the ones you think can be used:

- after studying characteristic features of a pug thoroughly you start drawing your sewing pattern. you measure this, you measure that, you erase lines and draw new ones, and finally you sew a prototype softie. then you examine what is wrong with it
- you make the necessary corrections on your sewing pattern and start making THE softie
- when all the parts of the dog are sewn together you discover some more little details you should have corrected on the pattern.......... you persuade yourself not to make a brand new dog (you remember the quiltmakers' saying: "only God can create a perfect thing")
- all of  a sudden you start enjoying making the doggie. you think it doesn't look bad. it is more or less similar to the original image
- you decide to add a nose. at least that. and wrinkles. you experiment with wrinkles for a while. you put some more here, there and everywhere:-)
- you are sitting at your desk looking at the finished softie, feeling satisfied, and hoping your customer will feel the same

Frenchie, a fekete kutya. Úton Barcelonába. Elkísértem volna:-)

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